Studio Classes

Studio classes are offered weekly and walk-ins are welcome.  Hatha classes integrate breath, body alignment, movement, and quieting the mind to build physical and mental well being.  Restorative Yoga uses supported, restful poses to allow the body and mind to rest deeply.  Yoga Nidra; a sleep-based meditation, enganges the parasympathetic nervous system to allow for optimal rest and rejuvination.  Classes are acccessible for people of all levels and abilities. Check out the calendar for class times and  details. 

Private Instruction

Private instruction is available on an individual basis, for small groups or as a private event.  Individual classes and small groups (typically 2-8) are scheduled to fit into your busy life and are held at the Megan Erbe Studio.  Perfect for individuals or small groups of friends and family to work a yoga regiman into your weekly or monthly agenda.  Private events for large groups can be held at your event site or at an agreed upon location.  Classes are designed around your intentions, working together to find your optimal experience and style.    Classes are typically 60-80 minutes.  Contact me to schedule your ideal classes or event.

Breathe-Move-Feel Yoga Classes

PERFECT FOR BEGINNERS TO ALL LEVELS!      Calendar has class times/dates  Location: House Studio

Focus on body alignment, breath work and balance.
Come breathe, move and feel on your mat. 
A mindful meditaiton in movement!

Yoga is about the combination of breath and movement. Taking the time to feel the effects of this makes all the difference. Breathe and move to get out the mind and feel your body to discover your true nature.
Come find your Zen! 

$10 drop in 
Bring your mat and water (extra mats available)   Blocks, blankets, straps provided

Yoga and Hikes

Our Yoga and Hikes each begin with a light yoga session on the rolling

hills of Sunny Arizona to warm up the breath, body and mind. Followed

by a light to moderate hike approximately 35-45 minutes. Hikes are choose your own adventure; choose your path, your pace, your level of difficculty.  Meeting back at the amphitheater to close with a gentle breath or mindfulness exercise to cool you down and send you on your way feeling light and ready to play.  Bring plenty of water

and wear tennis shoes, no mat required.  Check out the dates and

details on my calendar. 

FREE to all!! Invite your friends!​  See you on the mountain.

We are currently hiking   Thunderbird Conservation Park 

                                             Tuesday mornings  7:30 am 

Meet at the Amphitheater 

(west side of 59th Ave, south of Pinnacle Peak) 

**Event participation is at your own risk. Organizers and leaders of event are not responsible or liable for any injury that may occur as a result of participation. Those with medical conditions, should always check with physician about concerns prior to physical activity.**

Studio Prices

Studio Class Drop In       $10 per class

5 Class Package              $45 (excludes workshops ans specialty classes)

10 Class Package            $80 (excludes workshops and specialty classes)

Workshops                        prices based on event.  see calendar

**Prices are for the studio (other wellness centers/studios Megan teaches for have own prices)

YOGA & Halotherapy(Salt Therapy)

Megan Erbe Yoga has teamed up with West Valley Wellness Center to bring you a new, inspired yoga class.  Integrating two ancient, healing practices into one relaxing hour!

Yoga is about the combining the breath with movement to quiet the mind!  Taking the time to feel the effects of this combination makes all the difference. Breathe and move to get out the mind and feel your body to discover your true nature.  Focus on body alignment, breath work and balance. Come breathe, move and feel on your mat.  A mindful meditaiton in movement!

Currently holding Yoga Beginners (great for all levels) and Chair Yoga (perfect for those with difiiculty with balance, standing for long periods and/or getting to and up from ground. Or those desiring a Gentle Stretch) in the salt room on Thursdays!!  

Salt therapy, also called Halotherapy, has been used throughout history all over the world. Salt therapy is a holistic method that reproduces the natural micro climate of a salt cave by dispersing saline aerosol in a high concentration in a room.  It has benefits for the respiratory system, skin and overall wellness  The dry salt air is also anti-inflammatroy and anti-bacterial.  It is great for all ages and is 100% non-invasive and drug-free.

See Calendar for dates and location of these specialty classes!!